Horses and Music

One of my first memories is sitting on the bed, watching my father play guitar and sing. His voice was deep and strong and full of emotion. He was a talented musician, singer, and artist. He drew images of horses and cowboys, sometimes riding home slowly, other times riding into storms or against the blizzards and wind.

He and my aunt made an album in the 80s, and some of their songs were on the local radio. They each wrote songs for their children, and there is a song there for me. I will carry his words and that part of my father in my heart. He was full of dreams, and some of them never came true. I hope that my siblings and I can carry on all the best parts of his dreams and make him and our mothers proud. May we walk this earth with grace and love.

Sending my love to my family, those near and those far away.

I hope there are horses and music wherever you are.

(image by Trent Hancock via Unsplash)