Life Has Made Me a Minimalist

Reflect, sometimes, on the disquieting fact that most of your statements of opinions, tastes, deeds, desires, hopes and fears are statements about someone who is not really present. When you say "I think" it is often not you who think, but "they" -- it is the anonymous authority of the collectivity speaking through your mask [or ego]. When you say "I want", you are sometimes simply making an automatic gesture of accepting, and paying for, what has been forced upon you. That is to say, you reach out for what you have been made to want. -Thomas Merton
Life has made me a minimalist. I'm 31 years old and have moved roughly 31 times. Two of those times -- once around the age of 7 and once around the age of 12 -- I've moved without taking much more than the clothes on my back. Instead of making me want to hoard everything I've collected since then, these experiences have made me want to be free of stuff, of things. I look around me and am troubled by all the people I see trying to define themselves by the stuff they own (or the stuff they want to own). It seems preposterous and silly and strange. It seems like a waste of material, a waste of precious time, a waste of brain cells. A waste, quite frankly, of space.

(image via raincheck)