Dream 2: No Justice for the Voiceless

During the middle of my stay in Summerland, I dreamed that I was walking with a large group of animals. These animals appeared to be horses, though some of them seemed to be horse-reindeer hybrids (influenced by the holidays, a song called *Reindeer* by The Knife I've been singing in my mind lately, and a little game app I've been playing called Dream Zoo).

They were carrying large loads on their backs and all going in the same direction. They were all in various stages of physical exhaustion. Some were so dirty, exhausted, and overworked that their bodies were disgustingly bloated, almost beyond recognition. Many of them were groaning in pain. They were absolutely horrible to look at. I was frightened and concerned and completely overwhelmed by their suffering. I wanted it to stop, but the entire situation was so huge and beyond me, that it was completely out of my control. I tried to do something anyway, regardless of some nameless, malicious power all around me.

I knew that the animals were working for a large corporation, one that was very bureaucratic, so I had no idea how to begin voicing my complaints about the abuse of the animals. I finally found someone who was supposed to be in charge of animal welfare. He was dressed very casually and looked a bit like young Bob Dylan. His hair was wispy and dishevelled and he was wearing a ragged, navy t-shirt. I proceeded to tell him what I’d seen, and that I thought these animals needed to be released immediately.

He listened closely and nodded emphatically at everything I said. He wrote everything down and took my official statement to management. All of my concerns were rejected outright. These animals needed to be mistreated, apparently, to keep them in line, and no laws existed to protect them in the ways I wanted them protected. Poor babies.

The rest of the dream was me travelling to various places…extravagant hotels??…to try to speak to the "powers that be," in order to change the situation for these innocent creatures. No matter what I did, I could not get face to face with these "powers." I had to figure out riddles in order to find out which floor of the hotel I had to be on, but once I got to that floor, there were guards everywhere and I couldn't pass through any of the corridors. This continued until I either gave up or woke up.

I still feel bad for those sweet animals.

(image by ksushiks via DeviantArt)