The 9th Human - Leo Igwe of Nigeria, Africa - Founder of Nigerian Humanist Movement

Leo Igwe is a human rights advocate and founder of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. He specializes in campaigning against and documenting the impacts of child witchcraft accusations in Africa.

When Leo was only 12 years old, he began studying to enter the Catholic priesthood, but left seminary school 12 years later.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Leo is currently based in Bayreuth, Germany, where he recently received his PhD from the Bayreuth International School of African Studies. He received the 2017 Distinguished Services to Humanism Award from the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU).

Read Leo's articles here:

For more information about the Atheist Society of Nigeria:


  1. ok i'll join don't you have direct link to this?

    1. Thanks for following!

  2. I've been following this guy for some time and I really love his work. He is really dedicated to what he does and helps a lot of people. I'll be joining for sure through the link you shared.


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