The 10th Human - Morgan Beall of Gibsons, British Columbia - Microfinance Program Manager

Morgan Beall was trained as a sniper. He got his pilot's license, only to trade in his wings for the water. He's had many diverse jobs in his life and currently finds himself making dreams come true through small business loans. As a banker, "therapist" is an unlikely title for what he does, but it's exactly the role he often finds himself in.

I want to make a note of the fact that we brought up a topic towards the end that we never actually discussed. I understand that the topic was difficult, and respect where we went instead. Life is like that: All in good time.

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  1. One person having many talents is rare, but it happens. Using those talents can be hard, but not possible. Morgan has more than one talent and he does not let any talent go on waste.


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