Why Are You Making a YouTube Channel and Character Called Swanky Skeptic?

Here are my answers to a couple of questions I've received about my new YouTube channel, Swanky Skeptic.

Swanky Skeptic
Q: Why are you making a YouTube channel and character called Swanky Skeptic?

A: Because I have nothing to lose.

Because it makes me laugh and it makes my mom laugh.

Because it makes my teenage son cringe, which means I'm on to something!

Because Swanky Skeptic is a character I've been developing for a long time and I finally felt like sharing it with more humans than just my family. Suzy is actually an older character.

Because I needed an additional way besides serious science writing to share critical thinking in a fun and hopefully entertaining way.

Suzy Skeptic
Because I wanted to put my acting training to good use.

Because some parts of my life have been serious and scary for the last few years, and I needed to seriously lighten things up. Swanky Skeptic unites my serious academic side and my goofy, off-the-wall side.

Q: Are you anything like Swanky Skeptic?

A: Our personalities are very different, but there's some overlap. You won't see it, though, unless you know me well. I've taken a few things that I dislike about myself and others -- and amplified them -- to come up with Swanky. She's also got some qualities that I like about myself.

Suzy, on the other hand, is an embodiment of my deepest insecurities, and also the goofiest side of me that I rarely show to others. She even wears the retainer I've had since high school. My mom, who has known me the longest of anyone, says that I make faces in Swanky Skeptic episodes that she's never seen before. 

If you have any questions, leave them in a comment here or on my YouTube channel