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Announced today, I am a new contributor for The Addictive Brain!

Meet Kristen Hovet, our new contributor. Kristen (https://twitter.com/kristenhovet) is an American-Canadian science journalist located in Vancouver, British Columbia (originally from Williston, North Dakota). In addition to working as a contributing columnist for Genetic Literacy Project for the past two years, she has written for LeapsMag, SciShow Psych, The Establishment, Patheos, BC Living, and more. She is also the contributing editor of BRIGID magazine (http://www.brigidmag.com/), an online news source covering psychology, health, and sociology topics. Earlier this year, Kristen launched the Swanky Skeptic show on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/SwankySkeptic), as part of an ongoing effort to find ways of reaching out to those who typically do not read science journals or science textbooks. The ultimate goal of Swanky Skeptic is to make critical thinking and skepticism fun. Though the show is satirical and thus not for everyone, it has found its niche in the “edutainment” community, with over 1,150 YouTube subscribers. Each episode of the Swanky Skeptic show examines topics that are controversial and/or too readily accepted by a large percentage of the population. Some recent topics include positive psychology, the flat earth (conspiracy) theory, transgender and intersex conditions, astrology, and spiritual materialism. The show features the main character, Swanky, and her twin sister, Suzy. Their motto is “Question Everthing,” and yes, they did spell it incorrectly. #sciencejournalist #journalism #sciency #theaddictivebrain #genetics #pyschology #health #sciencejournals #sciencetextbook #swankyskeptic #thescicommunity #scicomm #sciencecommunication #communicatingscience #youtube #stem #stemphd #phd #womeninstem #stemgirls #stemwomen #stemscientist #girlsinstem #stemwomen
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