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Your Genetic Data Is the New Oil. These Startups Will Pay to Rent It, LeapsMag.

What is Epigenetics? The Addictive Brain.

If You're Bullied or Ostracized, Is it Your Own Fault? BRIGID.

When Antidepressants Fail: Are We Looking at a New Kind of Depression? Genetic Literacy Project.

What the Top Marijuana Experts Say About Today's Weed, BRIGID.

Possible Consequences of Normalizing Obesity Begin to Emerge, BRIGID.

Using CRISPR to Block Production of HIV in Infected Cells, Genetic Literacy Project.

Middle-Aged Suicide on the Rise: What are the Top Risk Factors? BRIGID.

False Ideas About What Causes Cancer Are Rampant, BRIGID.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome May Be Linked to Genetic Mutations, Genetic Literacy Project.

Fighting Deadly Adverse Drug Reactions Through Precision Medicine, Genetic Literacy Project.

The Surprising Connection Between Healthy Human Embryos and Treatment-Resistant Cancer, LeapsMag.

Chasing the 'Warrior Gene' and Why It Looks Like a Dud so Far, Genetic Literacy Project

Does Psychotherapy Work? SciShow Psych.

Meditation Does Not Reduce Prejudice or Aggression and Studies Littered With Bias, KMH.

The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts, KMH.

Why Aren't Gene Editing Treatments Available yet for People With Genetic Disorders? LeapsMag.

The Health Benefits of Reading, KMH.

3 Reasons to Bury Your Nose in a Book, Lifetime Daily.

4 Ways to Be Proactive with Your Hearing Health, Lifetime Daily.

Childhood Trauma is 'Written' on the Epigenome and Carried into Adulthood, Genetic Literacy Project.

We Are Not Born BelieversKMH.

Why Do We Lose Friends in Middle Age? KMH.

Sensory Overload: Some People Genetically Wired to Detest Bright Lights, Big Sounds, Genetic Literacy Project.

Toxic Shame: To Be a White Supremacist is to Have a History of Trauma, KMH.

Marijuana and Epigenetics: Are We Moving Too Quickly With Legalization? Genetic Literacy Project.

What Do Joel Osteen's Prosperity Gospel and the Law of Attraction Have in Common? KMH.

4 Ways to Ease Sundowners Syndrome Symptoms, Lifetime Daily.

Yoga May Be Good for Your Body, Mind -- But What About Your Genes? Genetic Literacy Project.

Freelancer Tips: This Will Help You Succeed When You Work From Home, KMH.

Four Effects of Activated Charcoal That Should Make You Second Guess the Dramatic Food Trend, KMH.

Sexual Abuse of Men by Women is Underreported, KMH.

The History of Lipstick Begins With a Sumerian Queen, KMH.

'Is Transgender a Mental Illness?' - Trump's Transgender Military Tweets Spark Rise in Mental Illness Searches, KMH.

Yoga Creates Beneficial Changes in Gene Expression, KMH.

Blasting Common Myths About Bisexuality, KMH.

Chasing Origins of Anorexia: Genetics May Play Role in the Complicated Disorder, Genetic Literacy Project.

That Soaring Feeling: What Does an Atheist Do With the Word 'Spiritual'? KMH.

Reinventing Yourself With an Encore Career, Lifetime Daily.

The Mystery Behind Salicylate Intolerance, Genetic Literacy Project.

Knowledge Without Context: Downside of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests, Genetic Literacy Project.

Autism Ethics: Is Search for Cure the Right Goal? Genetic Literacy Project.

Proceed With Caution: National Academies Offer 'Qualified Support' for Gene Editing 'Abnormal' Embryos, Genetic Literacy Project.

Battle Over America's Waistline: How Obesity Affects Having Children and Their Health, Genetic Literacy Project.

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