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Knowledge Without Context: Downside of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic TestsGenetic Literacy Project.

Autism Ethics: Is Search for Cure the Right Goal? Genetic Literacy Project.

Proceed With Caution: National Academies Offer 'Qualified Support' for Gene Editing 'Abnormal' EmbryosGenetic Literacy Project.

Battle Over America's Waistline: How Obesity Affects Having Children and Their HealthGenetic Literacy Project.

Ethical Dilemmas in Putting an End to PsychopathyThe Establishment.

What Role Do Epigenetic Changes Play in Development of Autism? Genetic Literacy Project.

Making Your Way in the World Today: Ingroups, Outgroups, and the Trouble They EntailKMH.

Majority of British Columbians Against Religious Hospitals Refusing to Provide Medical Assistance in DyingKMH.

Trigger Warnings Create Fertile Ground for PTSDKMH.

The Hidden Trauma of Life After FundamentalismThe Establishment.

CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing and the Spectrum of Expert InsightKMH.

Cambodia's Garment Worker CrisisGlobalo.

The War on Science in Canada is Over! KMH.

I Left My Church and Discovered HumanismxoJane.

The Flawed Humanism of Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star TrekKMH.

The Implacable I: Joan Didion and Those Who Try to Take Her DownKMH.

Ex-Muslim Turned Global Atheist ActivistPatheos.

Why Peace is Still Possible Between Turks and KurdsGlobalo.

Risk of Dying From Major Diseases With Prolonged TV ViewingImmortal News.

Intestinal Bacteria Play Important Role in Avoiding Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesImmortal News.

The Sunk Cost FallacyKMH.

Volcanic Eruptions Impact Water Levels in the World's RiversImmortal News.

Dammit, You're An IntrovertKMH.

Underground Fire May Ignite Radioactive Waste in Missouri LandfillImmortal News.

US and Eleven Other Nations Reach Trans-Pacific Partnership AgreementImmortal News.

ICD-10 Released: Medical Diagnostic Coding System UpdatedImmortal News.

New Narrative-Driven Minecraft to Hit Stores This MonthImmortal News.

New Zealand Marine Sanctuary Loved by Conservationists, Loathed by Fishing IndustryImmortal News.

Heart Attacks and Diabetes Linked to Sugary DrinksImmortal News.

Aspirin Doubles Survival Rates in Gastrointestinal Cancer PatientsImmortal News.

ViroCap Tests for Every Virus That Infects Humans and AnimalsImmortal News.

You Might Be Choosing Your Anxiety, Because You Might Be Addicted to ItKMH.

Bacteria in Amber-Preserved Flea May Be Bubonic Plague StrainImmortal News.

Positive Thinking is DangerousKMH.

'Us and Them' by David Diamond: More Than Just a PlayBC Living