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The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

Since I was never really a huge fan of talk radio, I was mostly ambivalent when I first heard about podcasts. My initial thought was that podcasts would be a quickly passing trend.

I was so wrong.

Podcasts are far more than a trend, and there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of new podcasts popping up around the world every day. Yes, they vary greatly in quality, but the point is: People love podcasts. And they can't get enough.

Podcasts Are Free
There are a wide variety of podcasts to choose from -- everything from true crime to parenting tips to the daily news and everything in between -- AND the vast majority of podcasts are free.

I surprised myself when I quickly became hooked to a handful of podcasts. My favourites are Science Vs, Freakonomics Radio, Hidden Brain, Note to Self, The Allusionist, and Waking Up.

To listen to podcasts, I use a podcast app called Pocket Casts. Though it was a few dollars to download, most podcast players are free. Search for podcast apps in th…

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