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Freelancer Tips: This Will Help You Succeed When You Work From Home

Those who have not freelanced before tend to have incorrect notions about what it's like to work from home as a freelancer.

The average nine-to-fiver assumes that working from home means staying in pajamas all day, working from the comfort of one's bed, and no longer having to deal with the stress of office politics or annoying meetings that are notorious for taking up a lot of time and not accomplishing much.

Maybe first-time home-based freelancers wear pajamas, stay in bed all day, and luxuriate in the many other comforts of their homes. But they soon discover that none of these "perks" are that great after all, and must be reined in for the sake of productivity.

Working in pajamas takes the joy out of slipping into them later in the day and seems to sap motivation. We associate our work clothes with action and motivation, and our pajamas with comfort and relaxation. It's best to keep these realms separate. Successful long-term freelancers change into presenta…

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